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Playa Guacuco beach

Playa Guacuco is situated on the eastern coast of Margarita island. You get there only by following a fairly small countryside road. When going north, turn right at the big crossing that is at La Asuncion and follow the signs.

This beach is pretty popular among the locals and Venezuelan tourists on holidays, but at other times you will find plenty of space. It is quite long - over a kilometer, maybe close to two.

The beach itself is quite pretty, with palm trees reaching near the water, and fairly calm waves. Guacuco is a narrow beach - there is not much distance from your beach chairs to the water.

The beach gets its name from clams - you can basically stand in the shallow waters, reach down into the sand, and pick them. At places, the sand on the beach itself is almost covered with lots of shells and shell pieces.

It is easy to find a beach chair, and a few places sell drinks and snacks.

In the middle of the beach is a the mouth of a small creek that runs down some rocks and then on to the beach. Kids like playing in it.

The drawbacks are (1) some trash around the outskirts, and (2) the paving on the road is in rough state right before the beach.
















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