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Art at Playa El Agua
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Art at Playa El Agua

It is quite amazing to see the extent of artwork that is made at Playa El Agua. Walking along the boulevard just outside the beach, you will find several spots where people are selling artware and even making them on the spot.

There are several painters, most with a local flavor: you find paintings of bright colorful parrots, local Margaritan scenery, fishing or Margarita village scenes, and more.

Near the south end of the boulevard you will find a stone artist that cuts stones and carves them to different figures, including animal and people figures. The artwork is sophisticated.

We've also seen leatherwork, shark jaws, and jewelry sold. And besides these, there is a small giftshop at the back room of a little store where you can find various little handmade gifts and artwork. Some of these are not local, however.

Our photo gallery has many pictures of actual paintings, to show you the style of some of the artists. And frankly I just feel the paintings are pretty to look at!






















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